“ With BundleZ UX, ZENUM transforms the mindless, ambiguous ‘Multi-Click Zombie’ of today’s mobile scene into a single click, multi-App, happy “Social Timeline Warrior’ ;) “


ZENUM offers Mobile Users, for the first time, a welcome relief from the 8 year old multiple, pan, scroll and swipe, “time wasting chaos” of Android, IOS and MS “postage stamp” User Interfaces. ZENUM’s new BundleZ “Meta-UX”, elegantly and simply transforms the current complex mobile user experience into a navigationally simple & time efficient bundled UX of a user’s favourite App functionality, organized into shared cellZ, each of which directly link the user to ZENUM’s innovative new “Consolidated TimelineZ” of content and conversations.

Finally, no more “hunt and peck” frustration looking for the right App. ZENUM’s HoneyCombZ is the first UX to center the mobile user experience around the User Interface, and not the App, while still retaining direct use of unique, popular App functionality. Better still, ZENUM enables users to easily mix different App use, during any conversation, from the same timeline. Receiving a text, voice message, attachment or call from one App and responding back with another App to the same contact, in the same conversation, from the same timeline, has never been so easy, and it’s all Cloud Secure!

At ZENUM, our team has non-intrusively redefined the Ad Insert UX with DealZ Timeline, to catapult smartphone subscriber Impression conversion rates to those of the desktop. DealZ will be the ‘Dawn of a New Era in Mobile Business Profitability’.”

Robert Reive, COO/CTO

Today, Ad Insert Conversion Rates on Smartphones of Impressions to a Purchase are 2X lower than Desktop rates. ZENUM, with DealZ Timeline no gives the mobile user a consolidated view of all the best deals, both on the web and physically nearby. ZENUM’s MerchantZ Dashboard, gives services & goods merchandisers the power to target market deals by location, time of day and even type of user.

Conversely, subscribers control what they see from the web offers and from physically nearby vendors in the DealZ Timeline with simple to use permission controls. The result is a perfect mobile match made for mobile business between subscribers and merchandisers, boosting conversion rates and “L2R” scores of MNOs and MVNOs offering branded CandySwitch and CandyTwin App backed ZENUM Co-Managed Services.

“With ZENUM Share/Rent Co-Managed Services, MNOs and MVNOs can now support family sharing of mobile devices as easily they can multiple businesses managing fleets of rented mobile devices, securely VDI delivered and managed from the Cloud”


ZENUM is the first Co-Managed, “Mobile Cloud Services” company to create new “‘AirBnB-like’ Sharing and Renting” mobile devices, which are VDI protected from the Cloud. ZENUM’s Share/Rent service for MNOs and MVNOs deliver communication services which are 2X less expensive to deploy and managed without sacrificing the personal mobile user experience.

Better yet, both service variants are managed from the same ZENUM Alter_NetZ Service Dashboard by the same personnel for both the “Share B2C” and “Rent B2B” customer segments. Rent also adds a Channel Admin Dashboard for self-service administration by the business or institution renting or or just managing their own fleet of shared mobile devices among their our own guest or private Mobile User Groups.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein

Individuals looking to excel in the mobile workplace need look no further. With the arrival of ZENUM’s VDI protected, secure multiple workspaces, ZENUM BYOD (“Bring your own Device” to work) Services make CandySwitch App the ideal choice for any mobile subscriber to morph into a mobile superstar at work, play and, at home.

MNOs and MVNOs can private label offer ZENUM BYOD Co-managed services as part of their existing Mobile Cloud services, seamlessly and transparently, to both consumers and business, with little effort, and much greater profitability. How is this big gain possible? Simple. ZENUM’s Cloud Services are optimized to be 10x faster in write mode using either SSD or HDD storage, with 2X greater VM density, 4X less SDD wear.

CandyTwin Free Mobile Subscriber Rescue: an Industry first, CandyTwin can, with a borrowed mobile device and just a few clicks, rescue anyone from that embarrassing lost, forgotten, stolen or misplaced device situation, to keep them in-sync and communicating, fast.”


Simply download CandyTwin App from Google Play or Apple Stores and get protected fast. Tell CandyTwin App which Apps to bundle for emergency use, logout and don’t worry. They day that awkward moment comes, just borrow a phone, log in to with the borrowed device mobile browser, and keep going.

ZENUM’s CandyTwin App comes with FREE 5GB of fast SSD and FREE 20GB HDD Archival storage service on to help you keep your world intact and also help easily transform your world with just a few clicks into your next mobile device. If you need more storage and want BYOD and Share services, simply upgrade via CandyTwin App to CandySwitch App for a small amount every month!

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The evolution of the mobile operating systems, brought complexity into our user experience. The insane run to add as many features as possible without providing any major evolution on the UI became overwhelming.

We at ZENUM, are the first virtual mobile services vendor to simplify and speed the mobile user navigational experience to finally bring an effective and intelligent user experience into your digital life experience, in the full security of the cloud.

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ZENUM Technologies, Fribourg, is a Swiss re-incarnation of early worldwide mobile device design and style leader, ZENUM Technologies of Lausanne, founded in the mid- 2000s.

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"The ZENUM team is a very competent and professional group of specialists who have demonstrated an ability to provide excellent results. We are extremely happy with our working relationship with ZENUM and look forward to engaging them on future projects."

Frank Pallas, Diviom inc.

What people say?

The technical and management people at ZENUM Technologies delivered a high quality solution on time and on budget. They are easy to work with and consistently kept us informed of the project status. ZENUM shows a great commitment to customer satisfaction and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Senior Program Manager, Sis Risk inc.

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